Sunrise Studio


Cassia DeFrank, RYT500

Cassia always felt a strong connection between body, mind, and spirit. While training in martial arts for many years, Cassia learned the benefits of movement matched with breath to create life energy (chi) within the body. This practice led her to yoga. Both practices of martial arts and yoga promote self healing using ancient, holistic techniques. Cassia holds a 500 hour yoga certification(500 RYT). She opened Sunrise Studio as a yoga and wellness center in 2015 as a way to share yoga and its benefits with the community.

Eileen Rachelson, ERYT500 YACEP

Eileen loves sharing the path with students at all levels of practice, helping them to identify their unique gifts and seek inner connection finding physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort. Starting at any age works and devoting presence is healing and transformative.

With over 15 years of teaching, Eileen has achieved the highest designations awarded by Yoga Alliance. She has studied and holds certifications in Kripalu style Prana Yoga (very gentle), Anusara Yoga (very athletic), Restorative Yoga (healing), and Meditation. Eileen is also a Reiki Master and Fung Shui Practioner.

Ian Froman, RYT

Ian’s yoga journey began after years of subtle encouragement from his wife.  After finally agreeing to try it, he was hooked.

Experiencing a newfound physical and spiritual practice, Ian dug deeper landing him in teacher training obtaining his 200 hour certificate from 108 Lotus Yoga in Milford PA.  Ian’s studies also include private instruction with Corinne Farrell, owner of Balance Yoga in Forty Fort Pennsylvania and Stephanie Miller, of Bamboo Moves Yoga in Englewood New Jersey.

Ian has completed his 300 hour certification with Nancy Kearon at The Dharmachakra Yoga School, making him a 500RYT.

Being a professional Jazz musician and College Professor for over 30 years, teaching yoga was a natural fit and progression for Ian to follow.  With his experience in a classroom setting, Ian offers a comfortable mood in the yoga studio with beautiful music and individualized attention to his students.  Trained in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Ian makes his flowing style accessible to all levels combining an agreeable pace for newer students while still challenging more experienced yogis.

Ian’s daily home practice plus attending many classes per week has been a transformative experience that has allowed him to share his love of yoga with others.

Patricia Krol, RYT500

Curiosity and a deep love of learning brought Patty to yoga. She enjoys creative sequencing, combining different styles,  and prefers the purity of Hatha Yoga. She has a profound appreciation for Sanskrit, Mantra, and Meditation. Through her practice she found flexibility and strength on all levels. It was on her mat that she discovered her Dharma, teaching. Whether it be in front of a group of High School students, leading a yoga practice, or teaching aspiring yoga teachers; guiding and helping others has become her focus and where she finds Ananda, true joy. 

Patricia graduated from Dharmachakra Yoga School for both her 200 and 300 Hour certifications. Under the tutelage of Nancy Kearon and Eileen Rachelson she gained  knowledge, confidence and a sense of community. This sense of community inspired her to develop opportunities for SEVA, such as Hike and Yoga. Hike and Yoga promotes yoga and enjoyment of the outdoors for the benefit of  natural spaces.

Nancy Slyman YT500

Nancy’s mission is to provide a peaceful, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore their own yoga journey. Bringing the aspects of yoga that drew her in and inspired her to become an instructor to each class. Among these are tuning into how your body feels, honoring limitations and abilities, while using the breath to control mind and body while becoming stronger and more flexible. Nancy has been teaching yoga since earning her 200 hour certification from Kripalu Center in 2006.  She continued her instructor education and is a 500 hour yoga instructor after completing the next 300 hour certification from Dharmachakra Yoga School.

Anna Grotzy YT200

Anna’s yoga journey began in 1999 when she took a yoga class sponsored by her college’s health center. That experience led her to become a passionate advocate for the power of yoga to enhance one’s well-being.  Drawing on her 15+ years of teaching experience, she uses the practice to increase the mind-body connection. Through yoga, we explore our limitations, find balance in asymmetrical movements, and become more aware of ourselves.  Anna holds 200 hour certificate from Om Yoga NYC.